This week, there have been vigils and marches in response to the NYPD shooting and killing Kimani Gray in Brooklyn. I was there on Wednesday, and although the vigil and march started out peacefully, the cops decided to block us from using a crosswalk while we were on the sidewalk, and continued agitating the whole night. I believe that’s what we call a “police riot.” Click here for more info. Below are my photos from the night:








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I was only able to photograph the beinning of the march since there was a quick end to my night when I was hit by a thrown object. An arrest was happening to my left, and I was hit on the right side. I received a concussion and was driven to the hospital in an ambulance where a doc put 5 stitches in my head. I have no idea what it was, or who threw it. If it was one of the many young, rightfully angry friends of Kimani Gray, then I honestly can say I would not be angry with them. Instead, I am angry that the NYPD shot 11 rounds at 16 year old boy, hitting him the back and killing him – which is what caused this outrage in Brooklyn.


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  1. It seems like the deck is stacked against us. Really, like we may die trying to make changes that will never come. be well!!

  2. Thank you for being there. I can tell you down in central tx they are reporting none of this. We all need to be aware of what is going on.

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    Une belle série d’images de Jenna Pope sur la vigile du 14 mars 2013 pour la mort de Kimani Gray à Brooklyn, juste avant d’être blessée par un projectile non-identifié.
    A good set from Jenna Pope on the vigil for Kimani Gray in Brooklyn, just before getting hit by an unidentified flying object.

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