and as i stepped outside
the sun was shining on my face
i put my hand up like a shade
while my eyes adjusted to the light
for i had spent so much time in the dark
the light seemed too bright, blinding
it felt surreal, as if it weren’t happening
slowly, i was able to open my eyes

and there i was standing
the ground beneath my feet, steady
the warmth of the sun washing over me
the sounds of life reverberating off the buildings
i tilted my head upwards, towards the sun
lifted my arms out, palms facing up
and took a deep, deep breathe
as if it were the first breathe i had ever taken

the comfort of the darkness continued to call my name
but i took a step forward, and another, and another
soon my feet were pounding the pavement
running through the streets of Beşiktaş
past the market and the key shop
past the shoe repair shop and the tie-maker
past the cafes and restaurants
through the crowds of people

and I came upon the Bosphorus
water splashing against the shore
ship horns blowing in the distance
seagulls flying overhead, free
the crisp October breeze blew off the water
flowing through my hair and across my skin
feet at the edge of the water, gazing out towards Üsküdar
i can’t remember the last time I felt so alive21122226_1451489914942933_8063368936080546100_o

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