late night
too many thoughts
future uncertain
i take a drag off my cigarette
wishing i had enough money
for a bottle of whiskey
already feel like i’m drowning
so i might as well drown myself
in booze

sometimes self-medicating
is the only thing that keeps me
feeling half-sane
in this insane world
darkness creeps everywhere
it seeps into the cracks
of my broken life

i light another cig
the brief flicker of my lighter
often feels like the
only light in the dark
“smoking is bad for you”
but it doesn’t matter
when you don’t
care if you die

bags under my eyes
the sound of exhaustion
in my voice
i wish i could sleep
but sleep means nightmares
it means waking up
anxious and afraid
drenched in sweat
teeth clenched
muscles tense and achy
almost more tired than
before i slept

but maybe
maybe tomorrow
will be better

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